About Us

Our story. How did we start?

Expecting the unexpected

When we are with our loved ones we never think that one day we might be parted apart. In the case of our pets we see them just like a family member and we sometimes forget that they simply cannot find their way back home in case they get lost. We should always remember that they will always be our babies and need our constant protection. 1 out of every 3 pets get lost in one way or another. In such an unfortunate event if there are no marks on our pets connecting them to us, it will be very hard for them to get back to their homes.

Simple, yet an Effective Solution

We are offering a very simple method to identify your pet and have the person who finds him/her to reach you: Petibul.com Tag. There is a unique code on the back of our tags. You can register your tag on our website and your contact information will be stored in our website in case a person who finds your pet needs to get in touch with you.

Tags mean Fun!

We want our best friends protected. But that doesn't mean we should use boring, out of style accessories to do that. We offer full color, beautifully designed, fun tags that you can pick out for your friend, even one for every leash!