Privacy Policy

All information and media o nour web pages are property of and cannot be used, reproduced or used in any commercial manner under any circumstance. Information can only be used as referral., under any circumstance, is not responsible for the accuracy and/or truth of the information on its website, including the information submitted by customers. cannot be responsible for any damages that might be caused by usage of information on its website. might choose to display advertisement and/or links to other websites or companies' services on its website. If visitors or customers choose to follow these links is not responsible for any interactions once the customer leaves the domain.

The information on website is simply reflected back to the world as registered by customers. cannot and does not guarantee correctness of any information on its website, or safety of the server on which the website resides. cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by usage of this website due to server performance, possible computer viruses, system fault, or any other related errors even after being informed of possible damages., has the right to change any or all the information on this site without warning.

All personal information submitted to will only be used by in order to provide information to tag finders and services that might decide to provide. Any and all information will never be shared with 3rd parties unless ordered by a court order.

If customer's don't want to get marketing emails from they can always do so by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.

If you need further information please contact us.

Protection of Personal Data works hard for the privacy of your personal information. All the personal information that is collected by our website is processed according to Turkish law number 6698.

1. Collection of information, processing and goals collects your information based on your registration and your updates and transactions with our site. This information registration can be thru but not limited to our website, mobile application, social media and similar channels. As long as you remain our customer, your information will be processed.

In addition, if you participate in any events, educational programs or organizations, your information might be processed.

Information collected can be processed in order to enhance your experience using our products, improve our human resources and marketing processes, optimize security and cooperation with business partners.

2. Why Information can be transferred and to whom?
Information may be shared among in firm departments and other business partners in order to improve products and enhance customer's experience using these products.

3. Method of Collecting Information
Information may be collected electronically on websites and/or mobile applications. Information may also be collected during seminars, fairs, educational programs and organizations.

4. Owner's right to Information
All your requests regarding your information will be handles and concluded free of charge as soon as you reach us through our contact information. Owner's may request;
• to learn if their information is processed,
• to learn what sort of processing has been performed,
• to learn why the processing took place,
• to learn if information was shared with business partners,
• to learn if the information is correct and require correction if needed,
• to erase the information,
• to update the information,
• to object to conclusions after the processing the information.

We'd like you to send us your requests in a written format.

This can be an e-mail, or you can fill out this form .