Terms and Conditions

By creating an account on our web page Petibul.com, you are agreeing and accepting the below terms and conditions. Please read this page before using our products.


Our tags have 3 months warranty. However, damages resulting from misuse renders the warranty void.

Social Responsibility

Petibul.com promises that it will see thru any announced projects or charity for the street animals that Petibul.com participates in. Petibul.com will use the allocated budget for such activities only for the sake of these projects. However, if the initial charity organization or project partner is found to be unfit for the purpose of the project, Petibul.com reserves the right to reallocate the budget to a different organization or a project partner.

Your Information

Petibul.com will never share your information with anyone, unless ordered by a lawful court order.

Description of Service
Service starts by customer registering the tag online and Petibul.com stores this information on behalf of the customer. Petibul.com promises to keep the database operational for at least 1 year after initial registration date. After 1 year Petibul.com fulfills its promise and may choose to end the services. Customer is aware of the fact that there is no GPS technology or any other electronic component in the tag.

Misuse of Service
In the case of misuse of services by the customer, Petibul.com reserves the right to end the service given to the customer.

Lost or Damaged Tags
Petibul.com is not responsible for lost or damaged tags.

Correctness of Registered Information
Petibul.com is not responsible for the truthfulness of the information customer submits during registration. Keeping the information true and updated is customer's reponsibility.

Continuity of Service
Petibul.com assumes no responsibility for breaks, pauses, limitations or termination of service due to errors on behalf of the hosting company Petibul.com uses. Customer agrees to acknowledge that Petibul.com can never be held responsible under such circumstances and cannot be pursued for any sort of compensation.

Access to Customer's Information
Customer agrees that the information that s/he registers and updates may be used for Petibul.com in order to send the customer news and information regarding new products or servies.

Finding Lost Pets
Petibul.com tags are only helpful accessories. Petibul.com can never be responsible for welfare of pets. Respective owners (customers) are responsible for their own pets and they should make sure that their pets are not lost. Under no circumstance Petibul.com will facilitate or guarantee the finding of lost pets. Petibul.com is not responsible for initiating or taking part in any effort in finding lost pets.

Petibul.com is not responsible for pets getting lost or the harm they might cause to their surroundings. Customer accepts that Petibul.com products are only helpful accessories and Petibul.com under no circumstances be held responsible for the loss of the pets. Petibul.com products can never guarantee safety of pets when they are lost.