Protect your friends with our smart tags.

By gifting our friends a tag, you'll be adding an extra layer of protection in case they get lost.

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  • Register a Tag

Please write the code on the back of the tag in the box below. Pay attention to font case.

You can register your tag to our system and update your contact information. In the unfortunate event that our friend gets lost, the contact information you update can be viewed by whomever finds our friend. To register you must first create an account on our site. Click the link below to create an account. tags are not just for protection, they are trendy and fashionable accessories due to their custom shapes and lively printing quality.

2012'de yayınlanan ASPCA verilerine göre Amerika'da her 6 kedi veya köpekten biri kaybolmaktadır. Kaybolan kedi veya köpeklerin bulunmasında tasmalarında yer alan künyeler önemli rol oynamaktadır.

You can find tags in select pet shops and veteinary clinics.